ACER Corporation

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Acer Corporation is the Asian corporation which became the world's second biggest PC manufacturer in 2009; in Italy, it is the brand with the biggest share of the laptop PC market, and it is also a partner of Ferrari. Acer created the first tablet PC. Acer also produces screens, servers and storage, projectors and other electronic products.

User Experience Analysis of the Worldwide Corporate Sites.

User experience analysis and user-oriented interface assessment of various graphic proposals for the new worldwide corporate sites. Qualitative and quantitative user testing to support the theoretical analysis, with the aim of optimising all the brand and business targets set. 

User Experience Analysis of the Worldwide E-Commerce Sites.

Assessment of the user-friendliness of the graphic solutions proposed by the customer's design team for the launch of the new e-commerce operation, in order to identify the key strategic factors for the success of the e-commerce site and increase on-line sell-out.

IFA Landing page.

Creation of a high emotional impact landing page for the launch of new products at the IFA consumer event in Berlin in 2015. Mobile-friendly development, with localisation in 6 different countries and configuration in an enterprise environment capable of supporting high-intensity global traffic.