Ginsana SA

Brand reputation
Web & mobile

Ginsana SA is an SFI Group company that operates in the high quality natural health industry. Its products are the results of the most rigorous scientific research and experience acquired over many years in business. Ginsana distributes its products in more than 30 countries all over the world. 

On-line Reputation.

Worldwide on-line reputation analysis performed on the brand and products. The analysis used the iListen method, which involves listening to on-line conversations and monitoring the perception of the brand and products among consumers.

MemoQuiz App on Facebook.

Facebook app designed to increase awareness of the Gincosan product in Switzerland through a challenging quiz game to play with Facebook friends. User engagement was increased by means of quizzes about Swiss culture. One in every 5 questions was always about the features of Gincosan in order to educate players about the product.


Product awareness: the rising number of correct answers indicated that knowledge of the products' features grew to 80% among players.


Fan engagement: the application registered 1,262 subscribers for a total of 113,900 games played.