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Brand reputation
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With 4,000 employees, Trenord is unique in Italy because its sole function is the management of public rail transport throughout the Lombardy region, where more than 650,000 people travel by train every day - about 180,000 million a year. Trenord also operates the Malpensa Express airport link and the Como-Chiasso and Malpensa-Bellinzona cross-border routes.

On-line Brand Reputation Survey.

Retrieval of information about the brand from blogs, news channels, Twitter, forums and Facebook worldwide over a 12-month period, in order to define the way in which consumers perceived the brand. Analysis of the data obtained using statistical tools (identification of the most influential contents, research into time-scales, data categorisation, etc.) and info-graphic instruments in order to resolve the brand's critical aspects and plan new digital strategies.

SEO analysis.

In-depth analysis of the site to identify improvements in technology and contents that would enable it to beat the competition on the main search engines.

Site accessibility.

Study of the site's accessibility level and improvement proposals subjected to user-testing in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Stanca Law, intended to make the site accessible to disabled users in terms of its technology, structure and contents.