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Ritchey main image
Ritchey main image


Ritchey is one of the cycling industry’s premier innovators of high-quality bikes, frames and bicycle components. Founded by Tom Ritchey in 1974, the company designs a wide range of products, from new to the improvement of existing ones, refining their lightness and durability. S’nce Group has been supporting Ritchey on empowering its digital presence since 2016.

B2B & B2C multi-store eCommerce solution

Given the need to empower their digital presence and the will to commit to the online business, in 2016 Ritchey decided to completely renew its e-commerce solution, both for B2B and B2C.

Mobile mockups of Ritchey website


The project has been delivered following both agile and waterfall project management methodologies. After five years, the solution we have built is reliable and mature, but we continue to have a strong collaboration with the client for the continuous improvement of the platform and to keep up to date with the market evolution.

Design and development of a multi-store eCommerce solution based on Magento Commerce 2 platform. The project involved different company's competences, from UX and UI design, to system integration with Ritchey's ERP solution.


  • Project Management
  • UX design
  • Web & Mobile development
  • Systems integration
Ritchey website mockup
Magento Logo

We provided a fluid and effective e-commerce solution with a strong focus on reliability. We were able to complete an efficient system integration between Magento Commerce 2 and Ritchey's ERP.

"S'nce help us digitalizing our business with phenomenal results. They assessed every one of our requests and turned our website into a very successful e-commerce and communication tool, with a great level of integration with our ERP system."

Claudio Bianchi, CEO


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