We strongly believe in a sharp, clean and essential approach, through which we create digital solutions that add real value to our clients’ business.
analyse customer’s needs, the context, who it speaks to and how.
define the blueprint of the project.
design a solid and seamless visual experience.
develop scalable and reliable solutions tailored to every client’s needs.
measure performance and results to ensure success. Discover all our services
measure performance and results to ensure success. Discover all our services
are way more than that.

Noise maker

I love sharing laughs..aaah endorphins! No distance between people, yes to authenticity and relations. My objective is an environment where people thinks "What a day! And I get a salary as well!". Btw, do you know NASA wants to send a comedian to Mars?



Degree in philosophy, book's lover. Philosophy and literature helped me to understand life in a systemic way: to insert all the variables in the context, to establish the nature of their interconnections ... to connect the dots and see the final picture.



Analysis and deliberation, 11 characters: verticality. Discussion and comparison, 13 characters: horizontality. A crossword puzzle in the hermeneutics of situations towards critical thinking, with a touch of stubbornness that never hurts.



Moving the body, boosting the mind. The more I move around, the more I charge myself. Curiosity is my fuel, perseverance allows me to reach the goal. I trust in the power of words and in the strength of a smile.



Stay at the start of the pitch looking to the top, draw your route and visualize the moves. Start climbing, keep calm, stay focused, hang on, don't stop breathing. Here it is, the summit! It's time to share the view with your teammates. Beer!


Passionate chef

Just as in my kitchen, I love continuous learning and experimentation at work. Dare to succeed is my daily mantra, never forgetting to have fun and enjoy the journey. Pure curiosity is the essential ingredient of my personal recipe.



From charcoal to watercolors, from oil to digital art. Painting and illustration, beyond their diverse technical forms, allow me to express something that cannot be explained by words alone, they are fascinating skills able to turn imagination into a sound reality.



Vision, planning, engineering, patience, unexpected errors and almost no Ctrl+Z. It takes a lot to create something analogic with your own hands. It's a lot of training for my job and also provides me with the quiet that sometimes I need to free my head and think.


Analytical runner

Fast race: I run after urgencies trying to solve them in the shortest time. I analyze statistics in real time. Endurance race: constantly and for a long time with patience and concentration to fit all the requests like a puzzle, analyzing the changes over long term.



As a creative writer, I can’t help but daydreaming, I'm insanely curious and way too sensitive. Nevertheless, I'm a wiz at finding unconventional solutions to problems and I am firmly goal-oriented as I couldn’t stand a disappointing ending.



The most precious enrichment opportunities in life are driven by listening and trying to understand people, music, nature, universe. Listen to others with passion and you'll get their knowledge and experience. And 42 FTW!


chinese shadows
we focus on
We focus on people as we try everyday to make soft skills, integrity and passion some of our biggest assets.
Ultimately what we really like to do is work alongside each and everyone of our customers to create their own meaningful difference.

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