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Difrently's operating leasing service came about through a collaboration between very high-profile partners specialising in technological and management solutions for operational leasing: GRENKE Locazione Srl - a leading European provider of financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises - and B2F SpA - an Italian Fintech offering innovative e-commerce software platforms for the B2B and B2C worlds, for managing financial and rental services.

S'nce has supported the project since - towards the end of 2020 - it first appeared on the digital scene in Italy, - actively contributing in several of the areas involved in the implementation project.

Specific requirements

The identification of the most suitable technological platform for implementing such a unique and high-value-added service was mainly guided by the need for a high level of versatility: the need for integration with many different external systems, even very complex ones such as the solvency analysis system, eventually resulted in Magento being picked out as the ideal technology to support Difrently's online business. S'nce was commissioned to create an eCommerce platform for use on desktops and through the dedicated App (iOS and Android). The project also involved setting up functionality, consisting of a network of dealers renting products on behalf of end customers by choosing the duration of the rental.


Development of a highly customised eCommerce platform (multi-country and multi-language is planned for the near future) with specific integration on Magento Commerce technology.


  • Web development
  • Solution architecture creation
  • Project Management

Today, we provide day-by-day support to the project, assisting the customer in managing the platform, with improvement interventions aimed at reaching out to the international market.


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