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Schurter AG

The SCHURTER Group is the world's leading Swiss technology company ensuring clean and safe supply of power, ease of use and sophisticated overall solutions.

22 companies in 17 countries belong to the SCHURTER Group, 11 companies of which have their own production sites.

The Company strives for sustainable success through innovation, high-quality products and service, flexibility and proximity to customers.

S’nce Group has been supporting SCHURTER Group on digital customer experience since 2014, by proposing new and evolving solutions over time.

Website Redesign

Given the ongoing growth of B2B firms on digital and the challenge of committing more and more to the online business, SCHURTER Group has decided to renew its website for making its products and services more accessible for clients and prospects.

The new website had to be flexible and to outpace previous limitations in terms of communication effectiveness, extensibility of functionalities, maintenance and security.


Starting from 2021 - with the first release in July 2022 - the technology stack has been renewed with a modern, Headless and composable approach.

Powered by Contentful as Content Platform integrated with AWS and NEXT.js, it has been allowing SCHURTER to increase flexibility and scaling of global content operations, beyond providing its B2B users with enhanced customer experiences. The technological performances delivered by the new global and local static websites have significantly outpaced the previous ones.

The re-platforming process was completed in March 2023.


  • Migration of contents and processes toward a new Corporate Website
  • UX/UI renewal of the Corporate Website and the Catalog
  • Custom infrastructure and Corporate Website for China
  • Hybrid Mobile App for the Catalog and Documents


  • The project has been managed with Scrum and Kanban approaches.


  • Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • UX & UI
  • Web & Mobile development
  • IT Cloud Infrastructure management

In the first phase of the collaboration with SCHURTER, the key goal has been the evolution from a black box approach to a transparent management.

The whole process - starting from the project management, the monitoring of the infrastructure, passing through the source code and the website’s modular approach - has been made completely transparent for SCHURTER and allowed a shared view that empowered full trust and throughput as well as the possibility to let the customer build the website in a flexible and standard way.

We continuously help SCHURTER by improving and managing the ecosystem that makes 6 websites work with 6 different languages, with the great opportunity to enjoy together the new modern technology stack's many capabilities: speed, flexibility, extensibility, scalability and reliability.

Mobile mockup with website overview

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