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Strix Group is a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and supply of kettle safety controls, heating and temperature controls, steam management and water filtration technologies.

The Group's core business is the design and manufacture of Kettle Safety control, where it maintains a leading position, controlling 54% of the global market share.

Strix Group also innovates technologies in the Small Domestic Appliances and Water Filtration segments with 3 of its own consumer brands Laica, Aqua Optima and Astrea. Each brand brings its technologies to specific target markets.


In 2022, Strix Group decided to strengthen its business model, enriching its purely B2B model with the building of B2C digital sale channels for all 3 brands - including eCommerce, Social Media, Applications and CRM tools.

S’nce was selected to outline the strategic steps and the key activities to develop the most satisfying Digital Customer Experience for Strix Group brands (Laica, Aqua Optima and Astrea) within the Water Filtration category and their unique market positioning.

Digital Customer Experience Design


As a preliminary activity of the eCommerce UX & UI design - to be completed in 2023 - we have run a data-driven Consumer needs cluster analysis gathering meaningful insights from the Water Filtration industry and its customers’ behaviours and needs, with a particular focus on the group's priority target markets.

The analysis ran based on data from different sources (organic & sponsored positioning on both Google and Amazon) matched and weighed to provide Strix Group with useful and immediately actionable insights.

The insights, also considered in light of a punctual Brand and positioning framework - developed both from a purely quantitative and qualitative point of view - led us to design a full Customer Journey activation that will effectively guide the UX & UI design project of future B2C online stores.

As a side and complimentary project, we are, in the meantime, supporting Strix Group in the process of gathering, organising, managing, re-phrasing and enriching the Brand product data in a B2C perspective, functional action to structure the Brands’ future eCommerce catalogues and editorial content.


  • Consumer needs cluster analysis
  • Brand positioning framework
  • Customer Journey activation
  • PIM/DAM tool activation


  • Data analysis
  • Qualitative industry analysis
  • SEO industry analysis
  • Digital Strategy Analysis
  • PIM/DAM system integration
  • Data Modeling
  • Project Management
Data driven customer experience design desktop-01

Working with Strix Group is a great opportunity for measuring ourselves in supporting Brands in the extremely strategic process of enriching a purely B2B business model with a new B2C perspective.

Our collaboration with Strix Group will lead to the delivery of the future UX-oriented Multi Brand & Multi-Country eCommerce Design, resulting from a highly scientific approach, already conceived with a global vision of expansion.

In addition, we're also experiencing the chance to support the Group in adopting a modern, headless PIM & DAM tool which represents the first step of a technological long-term and future-proof process able to meet the future needs of tech-stack.


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