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Algolia: Highly personalized Search & Discover API

Algolia in a few words

Algolia is an AI-powered API platform for Search & Discovery empowering brands and companies with the Search, Discovery, and Recommendation services they need to build, power, and optimize world-class leading UX across platforms.

Algolia, with its hosted search engine accessible through powerful APIs, enables companies and brands to easily implement efficient, flexible, and insightful search and discovery experiences in any area of their websites and applications.

As a Member of the MACH® Alliance, Algolia advocates for an open, best-of-breed, future-proof enterprise technology ecosystem to propel current and future digital experiences.

According to Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, Algolia delivers between 3X to 10X ROI to enterprises deploying its search and discovery platform. It cannot be a coincidence that Algolia’s Search APIs are powering billions of queries for thousands of companies every month, delivering relevant results in under 50ms anywhere in the world.

Let’s discover why Algolia is considered the most modern and flexible tool for delivering at scale personalized and relevant shopping experiences able to boost conversion rates by 30%+.

Algolia API Platform features

Completely different from other Search solutions - being them Custom-built ones or “turnkey” solutions - the Algolia hosted Search & Discovery platform, thanks to its powerful APIs, delivers full-control and white-box visibility, beyond being quick and easy to deploy, iterate and scale at any time. Two are the main functionalities for building and delivering omnichannel experiences and begin getting fast results for continuous optimization and ROI maximization:

Algolia Search

Simple and robust Search APIs - beyond a full set of developers tools - allow to compose any search experiences on any kind of website, eCommerce, application, portal, Intranet, and even SaaS product.


Automatic extraction and enrichment of content


content indexing from any source


a set of UI components to design the ideal experience

The intuitive Algolia’s dashboard enables Analyst, Marketing and Sales teams to fully customize, personalize and optimize the Search experiences through immediately actionable insights:

Built-in Search Analitycs
A/B Testing
Custom Ranking
Visual Editor
Built-in Search Analitycs

to understand users & uncover hidden opportunities

A/B Testing

to uncover the best performing relevance strategies

Custom Ranking

to create the most relevant algorithm

Visual Editor

to get full control over experiences with a visual merchandising tool


to optimize results ranking for users' queries

In addition, Algolia’s AI Search capabilities crucially enrich the tool’s potentials for maximizing ROI with continuously expanding capabilities at scale to achieve business goals:

Dynamic Sinonym Suggestions
Dynamic Re-ranking
Query Suggestions
Dynamic Sinonym Suggestions

AI generated synonymous get users relevant results (no matter the words the use!)

Dynamic Re-ranking

optimized ranking of results of each search enhances conversion rate


tailored users’ experience basing on their behavior and interaction with the website or app

Query Suggestions

personalized search query suggestions to drive users to the right content

Algolia Recommend

The flexible, hosted recommendation APIs of Algolia allow developers to build applications quickly that automatically show products or digital content to users, subscribers, and shoppers for complementing and refining their selection during their journey.

Applicable for ”Related Products” and “Frequently Bought Together” dynamic carousels, this solution, with its with advanced programmatic control, maximizes conversions and catalog exposure.

+115% of interactions with product recommendations, +150% increase in order rate and +8% in online revenue are amazing results* for a Merchant. Aren’t they?

algolia 900x945
algolia 900x945

Algolia capabilities & potentials

Designed with a developer-first approach, Algolia provides extensive tools, packaged innovation and internationalization ready, thus removing the complexity of integrating search in websites and apps.


  • Powerful & easy-to-use
  • Fast implementation
  • Based on Robust APIs
  • Packaged API building blocks
  • 70+ data centers on 6 continents


  • Quickly launch advanced lightning-fast Search & Discovery experiences
  • Deliver consistent content to users in milliseconds via search, navigation and recommendations
  • Trust on a flawless global, blazing-fast distribution


  • Configurable textual relevance to adapt to users’ generated content
  • Built-in Query Suggestions & Dynamic Faceting
  • Jump-start Voice Search, personalization initiatives
  • Near real-time indexing


  • Drive innovation
  • Fastly improve business results
  • Stand out from competition


  • Enterprise APIs & user dashboard
  • Transparent, fully customizable ranking algorithm
  • Easy front-end and back-end integration
  • Fully programmatically configurable


  • Full-control & white-box visibility
  • possibility of continuous optimization to increase engagement and to drive higher Conversion rates
  • Immediately adaptable to changing markets & opportunities


  • Fully hosted
  • Search-as-a-Service
  • Industry-leading 99.999% SLA


  • Team time and dev cycles saving


  • APIs written for performance and scalability first
  • Real omnichannel capability based on leverage of 1st party data


  • Roll out and management of multiple consistent experiences across different brands and divisions from a unique platform


  • Robust Security program with measures for Data, Privacy and Compliance


  • Access to a highly secure and compliant environment at enterprise standard

Algolia benefits

With its powerful hosted Search APIs, Algolia helps businesses refine and optimize dynamic digital experiences for customers and users (expecting always more expansive search) in finding what they’re looking for, faster and showing relevant results.

Cloud based and delivered as a SaaS solution, Algolia is an ever-evolving software supported by 400+ employees & industry-leading support services which is totally focused in All website or application end-users:


  • Freedom of the preferred language usage to prototype ideas quickly
  • Build production ready experience in no time thanks to Algolia’s 16 API clients, 9 client libraries, and 5 supported plugins


  • Full-text, numerical, and faceted search, capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke
  • Continuous optimization thanks to immediately actionable insights, a/b tests and analytics results


  • Fast, dynamic & content-rich user journeys
  • Results in <50m/s

Algolia’s common use cases

Algolia provides solutions for multiple use cases:

  • Headless eCommerce
    Rich-product- and content-based personalized flexible customer experiences in a Headless eCommerce framework across all devices and channels
  • Mobile Search
    For creating appreciated mobile search and discovery sessions designed to convert
  • Voice Search
    Contextual understanding capabilities, NLP, natural-language understanding, and AI tools

In addition, Algolia’s Search & Discovery advanced experiences can be leveraged in many different industries, such as:

  • eCommerce
    Algolia integrates with leading eCommerce platforms (included our partner Adobe Commerce Cloud)
  • B2B eCommerce
    Particularly precious in the case of large catalog, Algolia allows to create self-serve and personalized search and navigation experiences for B2B buyers (who increasingly expect a “B2C” experience)
  • Media
    Regardless of the provided media types, Algolia media search engine APIs enables companies to surface their content catalog in any front end, whether it’s a customer-facing app or an internal content management system
  • Marketplaces
    Algolia is able to connect sellers and buyers with scalable, flexible search, discovery and recommendation APIs, decreasing TCO while increasing revenue
  • SaaS
    with Algolia is possible to build powerful software solutions that retain users, such as enabling them to easily retrieve files, contacts, events or any object within the SaaS solution, always handling security, reliability and scalability
  • Enterprise & Workplace
    A modern business Search & Discovery approach applied to company Intranet & Knowledge Management System can crucially increase workplace efficiency and employee productivity enabling customers and employees to quickly find right products, content and information with fewer IT resources and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Regarding this Enterprise Search application, in 2022 Algolia has appeared for the 11th consectuive time appearing in the number one slot on G2’s Enterprise Search Grid® which measures a company’s market presence and performance.

S’nce approach to Algolia

As a Digital Agency specialized in designing and implementing complex interactive digital applications, S’nce Group has been an Algolial System Integration partner for 2 years. We support Brands in creating enhanced eCommerce experiences by a CX-driven approach and through API-based and scalable solutions.

We are conscious that - today more than ever - search really matters. Users expect fast and relevant results. Search is quite often the first use’s impression which, if penalized by a bad experience, is expensive for business, beyond being a precious lost opportunity.

Our will is to create real added value for our clients’ business supporting them in achieving their expansion goals at scale by building leading personalized Search and Discovery experiences. And Algolia, thanks to its unparalleled speed and AI capabilities, is the strategic choice for making our customers thrive in the digital-first era.

Our Services

In the last 2 years we have been supporting different companies in leveraging Algolia’s potentials to create leading digital UX across devices powering their search and discovery capabilities and thus driving results across their entire experiences.

As a System Integration Partner, we use to work with complete teams including developers, UX & UI specialists, Commerce specialists, Strategy Analysts, and Project Managers.

If you are interested in discovering more about our approach, let’s get in touch


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