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Commercetools: Future-Proof Composable Commerce for Global Success

Commercetools in a few words

Commercetools is one of the world's leading and most flexible platforms enabling companies to build B2B, B2C and D2C powerful, highly customized digital commerce experiences tailored to the exact needs of enterprises’ businesses.

The commercetools’s true cloud-native, headless, API-first, multi-tenant SaaS platform - actually the global leader in Composable Commerce - supports enterprises to create Brand Value by empowering commerce teams to design unique and engaging digital commerce omnichannel experiences.

Founded in 2006 and built on modern MACH® principles (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) - of which it has been the strongest ambassador beyond a founder member - commercetools is the modern commerce platform providing brands with next-generation modular and agile architecture that delivers speed, agility, scalability and performances.

Named for the third year in a row, commercetools remains a Leader in Digital Commerce in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ and it is recognized as well in The Forrester Wave™ as Strong Performer in its B2C Commerce Solutions Wave (Q2 2022): “Commercetools has strengths in its product vision, performance against that vision, and execution roadmap, as it paves a new road with strong headless commerce to support both B2B and B2C use cases.”

Let’s discover why commercetools is considered the game-changing next generation commerce solution to fit the rapid business growth, for today and tomorrow.

Commercetools, the first Headless eCommerce solution

In the modern digital landscape - where many brands are experiencing increasing challenges and issues with their monolithic full-stack structures - commercetools emerges as a disruptive technology.

By launching the first Headless Commerce solution (the term “headless commerce” itself has been coined by Dirk Hoeirg, CEO & Co-founder), commercetools has been designed to be a game changing modern commerce solution at the forefront of innovation: it basically delivers a decoupled, open environment enabling limitless commerce capabilities across all channels.

Some concrete examples of the disruptive Headless approach’s advantages?

Marketing departments are enabled to “own” the CX/UI layer or to quickly alter frontend elements without impacting operations on the backend. Creating campaigns and promotions, launching unique “customer experiences” on any frontend device (truly omnichannel), adding products or expanding into new markets are no longer limited possibilities. That’s why Headless is modern commerce, concretely driving the future.

Still not clear what a Headless Commerce is? Take a look at our dedicated insight.

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MACH-powered technology and Composable Commerce

commercetools is a founding member of the MACH® Alliance, an organization advocating for an open and best-of-breed enterprise tech ecosystem (MACH is an acronym standing for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native and Headless Commerce).

MACH Desktop
MACH mobile

MACH technologies support a Composable Approach in which every component is pluggable, scalable, replaceable and can be continuously improved to meet ever-evolving digital business requirements through an agile development.

That’s why commercetools is truly connected with the concept of Composable Commerce, a building and managing eCommerce systems approach involving breaking down components into smaller, independent services that can be combined to create a customized solution, choosing and integrating the best-of-breed solutions for their specific needs (being them Search, PIM, DAM, CRM, OMS). Each of them can be developed independently and seamlessly integrated through APIs.

Created to provide a high level of control and agility for any business that wants to innovate rapidly, the modular environment granted by commercetools and a MACH architecture enables Brands to be nimble and to fastly innovative without compromising essential components, being delivered separately on a microservice architecture via APIs.

Commercetools benefits

The adoption of an API-driven Composable Commerce architecture with the true-cloud, open-source, SaaS, and language-agnostic commercetools platform as the core commerce engine, enables brands and companies to transform their business becoming a flexible and sustainable digital first organization.

The benefits of commercetools’s adoption involve different key company roles.

Business & Digital leaders

  • Increase revenue by quick addition of new digital touchpoints and sales channels
  • Unlock rapid innovation and speed to market
  • Accelerate building of modern digital experiences at enterprise scale merging online and offline commerce systems


  • Fastly limitless implement and scale of new features
  • Work on groundbreaking technology
  • Gain higher productivity


  • Keep real ownership of the CX/UI layer
  • Launch unique “customer experiences” on any frontend device
  • Foster brand loyalty with a seamless customer experience

Content Team

  • Gain back the power over the content deleting any dependances from IT
  • Maintain brand and message consistency across the entire digital
  • Gain higher productivity


  • Free the company from expensive licenses, upgrades, and maintenance costs
  • Maximum ROI at the lowest TCO
  • Access SaaS subscription models for only paying what used

Platform Owners & Project Managers

  • Deliver every kind of content & experience at scale
  • Rely on a headless solution able to work with and around existing technologies
  • Own the key for digital sprawl


  • Maximize conversion rates and ROI at a lower TCO
  • Outpace competitors with a faster time to market
  • Gain limitless flexibility

Commercetools Modern Commerce solutions

commercetools provides versatile Modern Commerce solutions for B2C, B2B, D2C, and hybrid models. Its comprehensive product range empowers businesses to craft customized customer experiences and build a sustainable brand, everywhere.

Composable Commerce B2C A cloud-native, headless commerce API product, empowering companies to deliver agile, scalable, and modern shopping experiences.

Composable Commerce, B2B A B2B-focused solution from commercetools's API portfolio, streamlining operations and enhancing buying experiences for businesses of all sizes.

Commercetools Frontend A top-tier frontend service that integrates with Composable Commerce backend, offering rapid, risk-free digital storefront creation with pre-built tools.

Commercetools Checkout Seamlessly integrated with APIs, it transforms any touchpoint into a sales channel, enhancing commerce throughout the customer journey.

Commercetools for China Tailored for China's vast market, this solution harnesses the spending power of Chinese consumers, ensuring security, performance, and local market understanding.

S’nce approach to Commercetools

As a Digital Agency specialized in designing and implementing complex interactive digital applications, S’nce Group has been a commercetools Solution Integrator Partner for 3 years.

Our expertise lies in supporting Brands in shaping enhanced commerce experiences through a CX-driven approach and API-based and scalable infrastructures. Considering commercetools the most modern and future-proof Commerce solution, we fully embrace its API-first, Microservices-based, Headless and Composable approach.

Our goal is to work together with our customers supporting them in the full comprehension of the transition to a Modular Architecture: it actually does not fall under the conventional understanding of "Re-platforming". Instead, it entails a Migration process, leveraging Headless technologies to smoothly migrate functionalities in distinct phases.

When correctly executed, this migration to Headless offers businesses the potential to break free from traditional re-platforming concerns. Instead, they gain a future-proof solution with the freedom to effortlessly incorporate new features and services onto their existing modular and composable infrastructure whenever the need arises.

Our Services

As a partnered System Integrator, we work with complete commercetools teams including certified developers, UX & UI specialists, Commerce specialists, Strategy Analysts, and Project Managers.

Our stack of commercetools services includes:

  • Technology Solution Consulting

  • Migration Strategy definition

  • Commercetools Implementation

  • Composable Architecture enhancement & expansion

  • Change Management & Training

If you are interested in discovering more about our approach, let’s get in touch


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