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Contentful: Modern Experiences with Composable CMS

Contentful in a few words

Contentful - an API-first content platform, commonly known as Headless CMS - is the content management game-changing solution for enterprise level.

As a cloud-native Saas platform, Contentful - with its industry-leading App Framework connecting the micro-service tech stack - is the easiest and fastest solution for delivering enhanced scalable omnichannel customer experiences.

Recognized in The Forrester Wave™ as Strong Performer among Agile Content Management Systems (CMSes) - Q3 2023 - "Contentful accelerated the headless revolution for businesses worldwide and continues to be a favorite among technical teams. Its vision to unlock the power of digital content, bolstered by composable messaging, continues to be well received in market."

Let's discover why Contentful is the strategic choice for increasing flexibility and seamlessly scaling global content operations enabling companies to build, manage, and deliver faster (and better) multi-channel digital experiences.

Still not clear what a Headless CMS is? Take a look at our dedicated insight.

API-first content platform capabilities & potentials

Being an API-driven content management platform, in Contentful content can be created, managed, and published independently from devices and channels making it a unique single content Hub from which content is efficiently launched across any Brand digital touchpoint. Thanks to its builder-centric approach, Contentful empowers digital teams to innovate, iterate, and quickly go to market.

Contentful's open and extensible App Framework allows for deep UI customization, advanced content automation on the backend and seamless integration with hundreds of leading-edge digital tools and services ensuring the platform can be adapted to every business needs.

That's why we consider Contentful as the most reliable and future-proof solution for teams' quickly adapting to market changes and customer needs. Paired with its resilience, governance, and security (ISO 27001-compliant), Contentful is the answer to any digital-first, strategic project that requires maximum flexibility and speed.


Powerful & easy-to-use tools


  • Launch new digital experiences easier
  • Drive business impact faster


Language-agnostic approach


  • Build future-ready content models using the most favorite coding language and frameworks


Pre-built, self-built apps or third-party integrated apps connected across the digital experience stacks


  • Customize interfaces, automate workflows and launch features


Content architecture and governance tools


  • Federate enterprise content and streamline global & multi-channel delivery


Superior cloud infrastructure with security, privacy and compliance standards build for the enterprise


  • Minimize risk for innovation

Contentful Headless CMS benefits

The adoption of an API-driven composable architecture with the Saas, cloud-based Contentful Headless CMS as the core content management functionality, enables brands and companies to transform their business, to grow their digital footprint, and - definitively - to overcome cost, process and operational efficiency.

The benefits of Contentful's adoption involve different key company roles.

Benefits for Business & Digital leaders

In competitive markets, businesses must constantly evolve to keep up with new technology, align with new processes and adapt to customer needs.

  • Unlock rapid innovation and speed to market
  • Accelerate building of modern digital experiences at enterprise scale
  • Increase agility with connected services with the App Framework

Benefits for Content creators

To deliver consistent and relevant experiences digital builders must be able to reuse content. Contentful supports content reuse and easily scripted content models empowering builders to launch, test and iterate experiences drastically fast and painlessly.

  • Put the power over the content back into the hands of content creators making them free from developers dependance
  • Maintain brand and message consistency across the entire digital presence by unifying content in a single hub
  • Highly enhance content editor teams' productivity

Benefits for Developers

Based on restful APls, Contentful provides developers the freedom to work in their favorite programming languages, frameworks and tools, without any CMS technical debt. Beyond giving them full programmatic control in managing assets, translations and every version of content.

  • Build digital experience platforms faster
  • Gain higher developer teams' productivity

Benefits for Platform Owners & Project Managers

Contentful enables companies to create content quickly and deliver experiences seamlessly. Rescuing content from the inflexibility of legacy CMSes, digital teams work better with agile workflows and structured content.

  • Deliver every kind of content at scale
  • Rely on a headless solution able to work with and around existing technologies
  • Own the key for digital spraw

A modern tech stack for an agile development

Cloud native, API-first, endlessly extensible, Contentful is the perfect content platform for a modern tech stack enabling brands and companies to manage, integrate and deliver content across every digital channel with the needed agile development for thriving in the digital-first era.


Full programmatic control over the content management system, including assets, translations and other versions, thanks to stateless API with compact JSON pavloads.

Microservice Architecture

A fully decoupled write and read APls for managing structured content ensuring a fault-tolerant content platform able to evolve with business needs and new apps.

Optimizes for Speed

Advanced caching techniques, integrated with external CDNs, together with the support for AVIF image formats ensure extremely fast page load times.

Language and framework agnostic

SDKs for the most popular languages and open source components for apps, design systems and web editor interface.

Schema desktop Contentful
Schema mobile Contentful

Contentful's common use cases

The Contentful Content Platform (or Headless CMS) can be involved in many and various use cases. The benefits of Contentful's adoption involve different key company roles.

Support Portal & Knowledge Base

From simple FAQ pages to sophisticated online learning portals, Contentful supports businesses with the centralisation of (even huge) knowledge base content.

Agile Commerce

Differently from monolithic architecture, the Agile Commerce solutions provided by Contentful are specifically designed for an enterprise level enabling Brands to fully customize and scale exceptional shopping experiences across any device.

Global Marketing & Localization

Localisation and personalisation for global marketing is supported by advanced localization, modular content and streamlined workflows with the effect of scaling a Brand offer across markets and languages.

Modern Stack Website

Reduced time development times, reduced barriers to contribution for marketers and editors, faster launches, fast and frequent iterations. Contentful allows agile teams can focus on what they do best: building engaging digital products and experiences, faster than ever.

Content Hub

Contentful's content hub platform unifies disparate content sources for editors while reducing complexity and redundancy of multiple code bases. Uploaded just once in Contentful content Hub, content is efficiently launchable across any Brand digital channel.

Onsite experiences

With Contentful onsite experiences become within reach. Thanks to the decoupled architecture it is possible to quickly engage customers in real-time delivering localized experiences, according to their customer lifecycle.

Mobile Apps

Powering Mobile Apps through by Contentful reduces redundant workflows and streamline inefficiencies, independently from operating system or device.

Digital Delivery Platform

Contentful is a scalable, lightning-fast, customer-focused solution that pulls people, processes and technology together into an efficient digital delivery pipeline.

S'nce approach to Contentful

As a digital agency specializing in the design and implementation of complex, interactive digital applications, S'nce Group supports brands in creating enhanced commerce experiences. Our approach is driven by customer experience (CX) and leverages API-based and scalable solutions.

Having been a Contentful Bronze Solution Partner for 4 years, we at S'nce Group are committed to assisting brands in crafting superior commerce experiences through a CX-driven strategy, utilizing API-based and scalable solutions. We firmly believe that, now more than ever, the choice of software is the most strategic decision in business choices: digital transformation requires a shift from "one-size-fits-all" legacy platforms to a modern tech stack. This tech stack is extensible, flexible, and purpose-built for agility and scale, creating an IT environment where content operation management—the critical aspect of modern, engaging, and personalized digital experiences—can significantly increase in speed and flexibility. Considering Contentful as the most modern and best future-proof headless CMS, our aim is to create real added value for our clients' businesses, supporting them in acquiring digital-first capabilities that enable them to overcome cost, process, and operational inefficiencies.

Our Services

In the last 4 years we have been supporting different companies in the transition from monolithic systems to microservices architecture content infrastructure powered by Contentful enabling our customers' acceleration in building times and massively scaling, independently from their audience's size, number of digital channels, or mountains of contents.

As a Contentful Solution Partner, we use to work with complete Contentful teams including certified Contentful developers, UX & UI specialists, Commerce specialists, Strategy Analysts, and Project Managers.

Our stack of Contentful services includes:

  • Content Modeling
  • Contentful Implementation
  • Change Management & Training
  • Technology Solution Consulting

If you are interested in discovering more about our approach, let’s get in touch


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