VTEX, the future-proof solution for B2C, B2B & Marketplace commerce

VTEX in a few words

VTEX is the global Enterprise Digital Commerce Platform for brands and retailers looking to build a future-proof digital commerce strategy.

Powered by a modern architecture and a team of digital commerce experts, VTEX enables enterprises to achieve faster time-to-market, reach their customers across any channel and uncover new areas of growth.

Thanks to its highly customisable architecture, VTEX provides the world’s first and only fully integrated end-to-end B2C & B2B commerce, marketplace & OMS provider which, with its low maintenance costs, provides the best features to unlock new opportunities, to deliver advanced business experiences and - definitively - to reduce TCO with a complete solution.

On the market for over 20 years and with its $ 7.9 B in GMV B2C in 2020, VTEX powers today more than 3000 stores in the world. As a member of the MACH-Alliance VTEX advocates for accelerating commerce transformation by driving the growth and the adoption of composable commerce technology by enterprise organizations worldwide.

According to the IDC Worldwide Digital Commerce Applications Market Shares - published in June 2021 - VTEX is the fastest-growing digital commerce platform in the top 20 market shares, with a 43.5% growth rate compared to the previous year, surpassing the average market growth rate of 17.9%.

In addition, VTEX was named a Leader in the IDC Marketscape Worldwide B2C Digital Commerce Platforms 2020 Vendor Assessment, noting the platform’s modern architecture, the native Order Management System and the marketplace capabilities as well as its customer support.

Gartner as well recognized VTEX as a Visionary in its Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce in 2020, highlighting the platform’s breadth of functionality, extensibility and modularity as strengths.

Let’s discover why it is considered the future proof unifed eCommerce Platform solution.

VTEX Digital Commerce Platform capabilities & potentials

Thanks to its out-of-the-box pakaged capabilities - together with more than 1000 integrated solutions - VTEX Digital Commerce platform empowers brands and companies to rapidly implement B2C and B2B shopping experiences enabling agility, speed and scalability.


Packaged integrated commerce services: multi-commerce (B2C & B2B), marketplaces and multi-OMS


  • Nimble creation and delivery of cutomized, content-rich, lightining-fast shopping experiences on any touchpoint and device
  • Quick adaptation to changing markets & opportunities
  • Accelerated time-to-value across B2B & B2C


Microservices-based architecture


  • Business growth & global expansion support


API-first approach


  • Integration with any back-end system or third- party application
  • Platform extension basing on business needs


Cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure


  • Automatic update releases
  • Peak seasons handling
  • Innovation risk minimized

Speed & Simplicity

Modern, low-code development environment


  • Easiness, speed and simplicity of implementing shopping experiences and customized applications

VTEX digital commerce solutions

VTEX is a complete, connected and modular platform with integrated, advanced, and different commerce solutions:

Omnichannel B2C & B2B eCommerce

Thanks to its global inventory visibility and multi-channel connectivity, VTEX allow to give customers the choice and convenience they want, while delivering efficient omnichannel operations.

  • All stores and warehouses connected in a single platformVTEX orchestrate orders from every channel in one place through a distributed order management system.
  • Fast and flexible fulfillment options
    With VTEX is possible to optimize operations and to reduce costs by offering multiple fulfillment options to customers.
  • Multichannel customer engagement
    Thanks to its Live Shopping & Conversational Commerce features VTEX enables brand to deliver new experiences and drive more sales.
  • Simplified B2B experiences to buyers and sellers
    VTEX unique capabilities specifically designed for B2B businesses enable self-service buying experiences and automate ordering

eCommerce Marketplace

The native marketplace feature toghether with the built-in distributed order management capability make VTEX the strategic choice expand the market reach and reduce overhead.

New revenue streams exploitation

Regardless of the industry, VTEX empowers brands and companies to collaborate with sales and channel partners to expand product assortments and sell more across all customer touchpoints. The result is a one-stop-shop for everything customers need in a single location.

Reduced costs and risks

Thanks to the easiness of onboarding new sellers toghether with the automatic product synchronization, the costs (and risks) of adding new products, of managing an additional inventory and of sustain additional supply chain operations, are minimized.

Business global expansion

The multi-currency and multi-language features make VTEX able to provide multiple storefronts with different languages and local payment conditions: the keys to expand a company’s digital footprint.

Headless Commerce

The Headless approach and its powerful APIs make VTEX able to rapidly build content-rich and high-converting multi-channel shopping experiences with a faster time-to-revenue, as well as an acceleration of teams’ collaboration.

Pre-built components and themes

VTEX performance-oriented component library and industry-specific quick starters optimize developers work in building lightning-fast storefronts

Open-source toolkit to build Headless “fast by design”

Marketers are given back the power to make and schedule changes in the storefront without any code while developers are free up to compose, integrate and switch components of VTEX platform for best-of-breed or custom applications.

Deployment and scaling without compromises

Developers can deploy changes and scale seamlessly with VTEX native CI/CD, automated performance tests and an auto-scalable cloud infrastructure.

Agnostic tech stack integration

The low-code VTEX IO Fast Store Development Platform - built for React-based frameworks - enables companies to leverage the power of a Jamstack reducing the complexity of building front-end applications and services. VTEX IO is easibly composable, customizable and extensible with the preferred CMS, search-tool and every kind of other services.

Vtex Desktop
Vtex Mobile

VTEX Benefits

The adoption of the Cloud-native Saas VTEX solution provide companies of every industry with the possibility to access a highly scalable, flexible and customizable commerce platform to improve the online business revenue with a rapid time-to-revenue and a lower TCO.

Thanks to its modern architectural capabilities, the eCommerce businesses powered by VTEX have observed an average increasing of their conversion rate by 54% with a time-to-market of only 109 days on average.

Storefront design

store components

  • rapid building of storefronts simple to be maintained

B2C capabilities

advanced catalog, pricing, and promotions

  • multi-region and multi-currency experiences delivery

B2B operations

account management, quoting, customer specific pricing and much more B2B features

  • simplified creation of purchase flows tailored for each business

Content management

no-code CMS

  • easy creation, editing, scheduling and pubishing of contents

Storefront conversion

AI-powered search engine and one-click checkout

  • better conversion driving and revenue growth

Reporting & analytics

native analytics tools

  • orders and sales performance tracking for data-drive decisions

S'nce approach to VTEX

As a Digital Agency specialized in designing and implementing complex interactive digital we support Brands in creating enhanced eCommerce experiences by a CX-driven approach and through API-based and scalable solutions.

We in particular appreciate to leverage VTEX Headless approach offered throug the VTEX IO Development platform, coming with essential features granting the reduction of complexitiy in building applications & frontend servcies, as well as the freedom to compose custom apps and extend VTEX admin tools with its App Platform.

  • Licensed & Supported
  • Available as SaaS application
  • Enterprise-grade application and infrastructure
  • Built on top of the foundational code base of Open Source to deliver premium capabilities supporting growth

Our Services

As a VTEX Partner, we use to work with complete eCommerce teams including developers, UX & UI specialists, Commerce specialists, Strategy Analysts, and Project Managers.

If you are interested in discovering more about our approach, let’s get in touch


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