Geomagworld SA

Social marketing
Web & mobile

Geomagworld SA is the manufacturer of Geomag original branded products, famous all over the world for its magnetic construction toys consisting of magnetic rods and metal balls. Over the years the company has received awards for “Best toy of the year”, “Best choice for parents” and many more besides.

Management of Official Facebook page.

Launch and management of the official Facebook page in Switzerland in order to promote the brand values and product awareness. The page was managed in the three official Swiss languages, adapting the publishing plan to the different linguistic regions.

Christmas Contest & Co-marketing with Bravofly.

Launch of a contest to incentivise purchases on the e-commerce site by means of a Web and Facebook app that issued discounts. The contest also included a co-marketing project run with Bravofly: every user who bought a product during the promotional period received a 20€ discount on

Advertising Campaign.

Advertising campaign on different channels such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Affiliation, and in different countries (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France), with the lead generation goal of increasing e-commerce sell-out.