Brand & digital identity
User experience
Web & mobile

LabLaw is one of Italy's leading law firms, specialising solely in labour law and trades union law. Founded in Milan in January 2006, it now has offices in Milan, Rome, Padua, Pescara and Genoa. It employs more than 50 professionals, who provide clients from Italy and abroad with advice on labour and industrial relations topics.

User Experience.

Redefinition, further to an analysis of the law firm's internal requirements and the end user's needs, of a new user experience, with the aid of new, functional interfaces intended to improve brand perception and simplify the user's interaction with the site.

Website and Blog development.

Design and development of the website's architecture, including a restricted area to optimise client relations. Creation of a blog within the site for publication of contents produced by the firm's in-house research centre. Synergies with the social network channels.

Web Design.

Design and realisation of new graphics based on the logo and colours of the corporate image, styled to be clear and innovative, to ensure differentiation from other law firms.

Creation of the Newsletter.

Design and realisation, with Peachskin, of an automatic newsletter capable of exporting and mailing new contents from the blog.


Creation of a new functional interface to increase the degree of user satisfaction in interaction with the site. 


Development of innovative solutions for the historically conservative law sector, to establish dialogue with users.


Optimisation of client relations by means of the web.